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The digital era is not coming. It‘s here. With it, it has brought a dynamic of change that has never existed before. Virtually no company has been built for this dynamic. Practically no-one has been trained for this. The good news is: It’s day 2. There’s plenty of evidence for what it takes. And for what one should not do.

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Jeff Bezos’ mantra that “it’s day 1” is legendary. And rightly so. It marks that we stand at the very beginning of digitization. That the big leaps are yet to come. 20 years after Bezos coined the phrase it’s true more than ever. Except for two reasons. One is that we stand at the verge of a new chapter of digitization. This is the chapter of technologies built on top of the internet (machine learning, blockchain etc.). They will speed up and broaden the transformational dynamics of digitization in the next 10-15 years. The other reason is that we have reached a point, where we can actually look backat the first chapter of digitization. We now have evidence for what it implies when digitization reconfigures the logic of entire industries. We can see patterns for success. And, more important, for failure. So, building on Jeff Bezos, it’s really day 2, now.



The fact that it’s day 2 has a double implication: one is that building the capabilities for being responsive to the successive leaps of digital transformation will be critical for any business in an even more fundamental sense. The other is that we can learn from failed experiments. Which, in an agile approach, is the best starting point of all…

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The building stones are all in place. Agility, new ways of working. Moonshot thinking. And so on. The problem is: In most cases, businesses lack an approach that creates direct business impact for these superpowers of the digital era. We’re closing this gap.

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There are endless frameworks for digital transformation and agility. But so far, there has been no approach or framework that facilitates the ready for use adaption of agile principles and toolsets to standard processes or current business models.
We‘re closing this gap! Our framework for businesses that become responsive to the digital era is designed for direct business impact. For customized solutions based on formats that have been tried and tested in a vast variety of industries and companies. It provides a great starting point for your digital transformation. For resolving the seeming contradictions between the industrial and digital era.

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Digital transformation is not just a matter of concepts, workflows or tools. In addition to 10X solutions, adaptive processes, customer obsession, an open and networked structure and true agility, businesses need to build the skills required for these shifts. As with anything related to digital, there’s already a catchword for this. It’s RE-SKILL. The term captures that digital transformation does not require additional knowledge and skills, but their full-on re-construction. As much as this is true, it is just as wrong to declare current skills or even employees worthless. Actually, one can learn from digital champions such as Microsoft or Google that it’s not about replacing old school workers by digital natives. Instead, the trick is constantly re-skilling everyone, so that the value of current or former capabilities is increased (vs. being neglected). This can only be achieved with a fundamentally different approach to learning in the digital era. That’s what BUILD4BUSINESS is about.

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How can one create moonshots in one‘s day to day business? How can industrial processes and value chains become adaptive? How can one introduce the new ways of working and reduce complexity at the same time? How can crafting the business of the future improve today’s business? Our solutions are answers to these questions. They make all the difference.

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In the digital era, companies and teams need to build their solutions in the face of unprecedented uncertainty and complexity. And they can. If they manage to build their agile pulse.

How can this be achieved? How can teams or entire companies  create working environments that transcend the limitations and impositions of legacy organizations? How can they become agile in their day to day? Although they are designed for the opposite?

Our framework for building the AGILE PULSE provides the answer. With an approach that starts with ready-for-use access to the relevant tools and formats. And continues by adapting these exact tools and workflows to one’s actual needs from day 1. For true agility with direct impact in the core business.


In the digital era, companies need to be capable of turning their processes – even their entire value chain – upside down in the shortest possible time. At the same time, they must become better and more efficient in what they do today in order to remain successful.

How can this be achieved? How can one improve standard processes and procedures by radically reengineering them? And vice versa?

Our ADAPTIVE ORGANIZATION transformation framework provides the answer.  With an approach that makes today’s excellent processes the most important resource for a future that follows a completely different design. For true agility with direct impact in the core business.


In the digital era, companies must develop products and business models that break the rules of how they earn money today. Not just once. But instead, over and over again.

How can companies adopt this success formula of digital champions the likes of Google, Amazon or Netflix? How can they improve their current business by creating true moonshot solutions? And vice versa?

With our model for the agile transformation into a 10X ORGANIZATION, we provide companies with a ready to implement solution that makes today’s business the catalyst for tomorrow’s revolution. As a permanent wave. For true agility with direct impact in the core business.


In the digital era, companies can be closer to their customers than ever before. And, thus, make a truly relevant difference. What’s more, customers expect exactly this. More and more.

How can a business be built such that everything it does is always and permanently developed through the direct interaction with its customers and users? How can one completely redesign this interaction by still catering to the needs of customers in today’s settings? And vice versa?

Our approach of transforming into a CUSTOMER OBSESSED ORGANIZATION makes it easier than ever to tick like that. In all business dimensions. At any time. For true agility with direct impact in the core business.


In the digital era, products, value chains and even business models are being revolutionized at unprecedented speed. Today’s unassailable concepts can be yesterday’s solutions tomorrow.

How can businesses succeed in questioning everything that makes up today’s success? How can they recognize patterns in the unpredictable that others cannot see? How can they discover the secrets that will make the big difference in a ten year future?

With our business X.0 strategy process, we enable companies to systematically respond to their digital future. And to create solutions that seem unimaginable for oneself.


There is no and there can be no such thing as a blueprint or best practice for how to succeed in digital transformation. But we do know the core elements: Finding the right point to start (and even more important: getting started). Building the crucial capabilities. And consistently managing the path towards and over the tipping point. Everything we do is designed to do exactly this.

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You have identified your need and lever for transformation. You now want to build on a tried and tested framework and the support of a team that has been there before.

Our coaches and facilitators will provide access to our vast resources of tools and workflows and will guide your teams.
Our transformation projects are designed to support you in building your internal capabilities and resources. It’s your transformation, but you’re not alone.

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You are in the process of digital or agile transformation. You’re not ready for or don’t need an intensive transformation project. But you would like someone to challenge your approaches and decisions as you move ahead.

Our coaches act as your partners in a frequent setting for feedback and inspiration.
In some cases our coaching projects are a start into working with our framework, in some cases they support the ones that continue the journey started before.

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You would either like to explore how to best approach your transformation. Or how to best take it to the next level. Or how to get over a substantial obstacle.

Our coaches and facilitators will design a customized approach  that empowers your teams and management to take concrete decisions for getting re-started.
Our workshops are non-generic. They build upon your organization’s resources. And open up new perspectives.

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You are on your path to a continuous transformation for the digital era. You would like to build your teams’ capabilities in a format that is customized to your company’s needs, your team’s existing capabilities and to the systematic approach of our framework for digital transformation.

Our BUILD academy creates individual learning paths for leadership, teams and even entire units. Nano lessons trigger learning experiences in your actual business.

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Digital transformation implies squaring the circle. Traction and direct impact require ready for use solutions. But as any digital transformation must be an open and unique process, there can be no such thing as ready for use solutions. Our way out of this trap: Tipping Point Transformation. BUILD-Starter-Kits. And „Dirty Consulting“.

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We have been surfing the digital tsunami for over two decades. From the media, music and book industry to fashion and retail. From groceries, agricultural markets to energy, telecommunication and finance. And so on. Our approach has proven valuable to the most diverse companies in various markets and organizational structures.

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The transformation for the digital era does not require picture book consultants. No old school trainers. It needs business partners. Team players. Smart creatives. With deep practical experience in all aspects of transformation. That’s who we are.

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